Weekly Prep, 3

I’m trying to get myself into a routine of small lists of manageable tasks so I feel less overwhelmed with all of the things that it takes to not be a slob/eat like an adult/not poison myself. Every week, I’ll be listing my meal prep with maybe a few recipes here and there. I’ll also be using this column to work on building my photography skills, so expect rough photos for a while!

Adulting Level Achieved:
I did things a little more thoroughly this week, but still managed to inadequately prepare for work lunches. No takeout though, so PASS.

Meal Prep

  • I made a personal salad bar this week by shredding a few carrots, slicing up 3 heads of romaine, and crushing a few pecans. I’ll probably add in some spicy chickpeas or quinoa as the mood strikes. I keep my washed and ribboned lettuce in a big, air-tight container in the fridge and just snag a few handfuls to stuff into a jar in the morning for my lunch. It’ll keep in that container for over a week without wilting! I try to buy a week’s worth of lettuce and use it all up before the next grocery day. This usually evens out to 3 heads of romaine or so.
  • I tried out the Garlicky Alfredo Sweet Potato Pasta recipe from Minimalist Baker and holy cow yes. Very much yes. I also peeled half my thumb, which was not part of the plan, but I now have a real spiralizer, so…
  • I attempted to recreate that Chopt bowl I had last week by spooning some quinoa over romaine and sliced avocado. I tried out the chicken tinga recipe from That Square Plate  (very much recommended!) and made the copycat Green Goddess dressing from The Pike Place Kitchen. The dressing recipe was absolutely on point, but maybe I need to have another Chopt bowl just to verify. I’m thinking about making a chickpea version of the chicken tinga next week.
  • I had every intention of splurging on a round of ground beef tacos this week, but I started poking around The Pike Place Kitchen and suddenly I was making Garlic Bacon Avocado burgers instead. I accidentally doubled the bacon, but honestly, it wasn’t a mistake. I tossed one of these on top of some romaine and quinoa with a sprinkle of oil and vinegar and life was good.
  • I haven’t had ice cream since my sister came to visit last year, and honestly, I haven’t missed it much except for the occasional craving for mint chocolate chip. I tried out Nerdy Mamma’s Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip and it was totally worth it.

Have a good week!

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    September 9, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    My favorite line from this post: “…I also peeled half my thumb, which was not part of the plan, but I now have a real spiralizer, so…” I am truly enjoying the weekly prep readouts. Inspiring my own attempt at adulting and very very funny!

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