Weekly Prep, 2

I have to work really hard to be an adult in ways that my peers seem to just know and do (or they are really good at faking it. In which case, nice job guys! It’s working!) I’m trying to get myself into a routine of small lists of manageable tasks so I feel less overwhelmed with all of the things that it takes to not be a slob/eat like an adult/not poison myself. Every week, I’ll be listing my meal prep with maybe a few recipes here and there, and maybe a link or two to neat stuff I’ve found.

Adulting Level Achieved:
One solid recipe that I deserve zero credit for, but otherwise FAILURE.

Meal Prep

  • Spicy Chickpeas from the Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook. My cousin recommended this cookbook to me, and I cannot recommend it enough. This was a super easy recipe to follow and I had everything I needed right in my pantry. (I admit, I swapped in lime juice…) I made a few additions that I’ll be addressing in a future post and I’ll be making the sauce from this recipe as a fridge staple from now on. This recipe carried me through the week. At one point, I ran out of tortillas for spicy chickpea tacos so I boiled up some basmati and made a bowl.
  • I forgot to pack lunch for three work days. Dinner was mostly the chickpeas and one BK stop because compounding the error always makes sense.
  • I also had a Chopt bowl for the first time in my life (I think it was this week?) and that is definitely something I’ll be trying to reverse engineer. I think it was the Chicken Tinga Quinoa Bowl with their Mexican Goddess dressing. Glorious.
  • Also, I am hilariously terrible at guacamole. I made a batch with my surplus of avocados and wow. It was just okay taste-wise, but the color was unfortunate. Long story short, I wasted three avocados because I never remember that I am miserable at guacamole until it is far too late.
  • I made a batch of A Pinch of Yum’s best soft chocolate chip cookie dough, but left out the eggs so I could eat the batter raw. I was feeling pretty smug about following the raw-egg rule, but I have since been informed that I should also have baked the flour before mixing it in to make sure it was safe. Learn something new every day! Despite my possible misstep, the dough was perfect and I survived (CONSTANT VIGILANCE).

Have a good week!

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