Pattern Wishlist: Light Sweaters

Knitting is an exciting adventure in the summer months. I’ve already started some of my winter wardrobe projects this year—the Hugo Sweater and a Find Your Fade Shawl—but I’ve been scrolling through the lovely summer patterns popping up every day on Ravelry as I break between color changes. Here are a few of the summer-weight sweaters that caught my eye.


This is absolutely happening. In fact, I may be swatching for this right this moment in the colors of my house. Maybe even twice in alternate contrasts. I’m practically vibrating at the idea of a House Ravenclaw Walk Along sweater with my little Ravenclaw pin on the collar.

Photo by ANKESTRiCK. Please check out their profile for more glorious photos of this and other iterations of this lovely sweater.


RanunculusMidori Hirose

This one looks well beyond my current skill, but a girl can dream. I love the idea of this as a flow-y sweater over a pencil skirt or maybe over a tailored dress? Clearly it works with jeans!

Photo by Midori Hirose. Check out their ravelry page for more beautiful photos of this amazing sweater!

And how obsessed with this speckle version am I? Utterly.

Photo copyright very-berry on Ravelry. Check out her profile for more gorgeous photos of this and other projects she’s completed!



How cute is this ultra simple sweater? I’m thinking a very neutral base with a Harry Potter- or Hudson’s Bay-themed surprise at the nape?


Anker’s Summer ShirtPetiteKnit

The yoke of this sweater caught my attention immediately. I haven’t really done anything like this before (in my short, short life as a garment knitter . . .) and now I really want to try.

Photo by PetiteKnit. Check out their Ravelry page for more photos of this and other lovely projects.


Sea SaltLaura Aylor

Obviously I need a little more DK weight yarn in my stash. Obviously.

Photo by Laura Aylor. Check out her Ravelry page for more photos of this and other projects she’s got going on. So, so lovely.

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