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If I could fill my house with office furniture and still do things like sleep comfortably, I definitely would. Desks, in particular, are something that always catch my eye. Here are 14 desks that make me wish I needed 14 desks in my life.

Mid-Century Desk – Acorn

$699 + $50 – This desk is everywhere right now, but it’s everywhere because it’s so good! Find it here.


Lucille Palm Oasis Writing Desk

$316.99 – How about a less expensive version? Find it here.

Source: wayfair

Penelope Mini Desk

$399 + $30 – How absolutely darling is this one? I love the marble top paired with the acorn legs. Find it here.


Granite 4-Drawer Writing Desk

$276.99 – This one is definitely more industrial/rustic than the others in this list, but I couldn’t resist the wood tone and the details in the base. Find it here.


Brentry Writing Desk

$103.99 – I like how little visual space this desk takes up. It would be easy to tuck this into the corner of a room to create a mini workspace without overly disrupting the flow of the room. Find it here.


Lancaster Writing Desk

$499 – I’m picturing this desk in an office painted in some dramatic color with plants everywhere. Find it here.


Photina Writing Desk

$219.99 – The perfect desk for the paperless office. Find it here.


Mid-Century Mini Desk – Acorn

$399 – And if the larger one is too big for your space, it conveniently comes in a smaller size! Find it here.



Surplus Writing Desk

$202.99 – I love the mix of rustic and mid century here. This one has a keyboard tray! Find it here.


Theodulus Writing Desk

$346.99 – Straight up industrial with this one. I’m a total sucker for two tone styles. I love the shelves on the sides! Find it here.


OSP Designs Park Avenue Writing Desk

$559.99 – The stock photo for this desk is outside my normal style by a lot, but I can totally picture this desk in my space. That gold base! Find it here.


Stand or Sit Study Desk

$475 – This comes in bleached wood and natural. Not sure how smooth it is, but it’s lovely! Find it here.


Phoebe Writing Desk

$168.99 – Do you only have pretty, perfect office things? Well I have a desk for you. I like the mix of natural wood, white, and glass. Find it here.


Porter Mid Century Modern Two-Tone Writing Desk

$189.99 – This is the desk I’ve got in my studio space and I love it. The desk is super sturdy and the bright white top is perfect as a photo backdrop in a pinch. It also comes in solid wood if the two-tone isn’t your style. Find it here.




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